My Birthday Celebration 2016


Been neglecting this place because of Dayre.

I finally hit the Big 3. With a family under my belt, means more responsibility to raise the family, more patience and love needed of me, and more hardworkingness to maintain the household (dreads this 1).

2 Sep 

At the theatre now waiting for movie to start..  S is aslp.. When I sit down he let down a loud cry!

So excited ! BFG is the first book that introduce me to the world of Roald Dahl… Can’t wait!

Immersed in the trailer .. & first half hour of the movie…

Luckily he didn’t make a din! Phew~~

So happy after movie & nap


Omg so terrible…

I admit putting S in his bath water without checking the temperature sometimes..

Poor baby, hope he can recover soon.

3D 2N staycation at W hotel…


Our “home” for Next few days…

Flowers from hub

Very nice sea view !

Feeling happy because we are accompanying him!


Treats 🙂

W pool area.. The best pool I have been so far! The pool is so big! ❤️❤️❤️

Worried we not going Swimming.. But we did! Didn’t take any photo cause nobody tc of our stuff when we r in pool…

I love the ambience lights.

A few ambience lighting to choose from. S was so excited of the lighted headboard..

Really regret not doing up ambience light in my bedroom…

3 Sep

This morning after changing his clothes, he is so “Yang o” to his dad.

Hub said the hotel bed is so nice & fluff, very nice to sleep in just that we brought along an alarm clock that cannot be turned off just can snooze every 2 hours… Lol! Too bad.. S is our responsibility now.

Love the bed, it’s California king size. 👍

Sayang dad

Woo bar.. Will be there later for the birthday cake 😀

8.30am- breakfast!

Thought there’s food.. But only fruits for him~

Waiter gave him a balloon so I can eat

But only keep him occupied for a few minutes

Love this section. They have green juices as well

Walk around the quay after breakfast

My Birthday cake yesterday… such a Reflective birthday staycation.

I love it a lot, it’s peaceful, relaxing & don’t have a schedule for us to rush around.

Last minute scheduled a massage. Hubby was ok to take care of S alone!

Rainbow cake!

Eyeing on my cake…

He tasted a bit of my birthday cake.

I’m so in love with the pool… 😍😍😍

If only I can have a house with a pool that big!

Spa time!

So good! Highly recommend. Not like those prenatal massage, so painful & every stroke I was screaming inside. This is moderate, yet my body ache afterwards indicating the muscle was massaged…think the therapist is highly skilled.

The room is so big & under the massage bed there’s a bowl of water with pretty flowers. So thoughtful.

They know it’s my birthday & spa gave me a gift.

While waiting for me to finish my spa, Hub brought S lounging around the hotel..

Big menu!

Pan seared Atlantic cod with greens & starch (mash potato) . Chef will do the pairing of fish with greens & starch, we can’t really choose except the way of cooking the fish..

My idea of whole food! 👍

Definitely will go back again for fish & calamari.

4 Sep

Trapped under the pillow

With the Sesame Street character I hated most- big bird

Choo Choo …
All rides not moving… Lol


Day 24 of 2016

Throwback to First night in hospital with Baby while I’m still on drip & lots of painkillers.
Trying to latch lying down but fail. Lol.

how Long do u latch your new born (11 day old ++) per feed? The past 2 feeds my LO only latch for 10 mins or less. I’m quite worried he didn’t drink enough & get dehydration… Because from my track record of pumping I need about 20-30mins to get 50ml of milk. Can I compared the intake of his latching with the pumping?

2 weeks post ops

Day 14 post ops:

C Sec Wound no longer hurt. When I sneeze or cough I don’t feel like my wound tearing apart. Can get up of bed easily.

Little achievement today:

Manage to try cradle hold position successfully while latching my Son. I only successfully latch him using Football hold.

Daddy & mummy bonding time..

“I want to eat, mummy!”

Growth spur? I’m so tired latching him whole day. The longest today is 5-6pm. Fed him 4 times with 1 hour interval. 🙄 is this growth spur or I not enough milk??

Day 23

Feeling really thirsty despite drinking water & longan red date tea. My tongue feels really dry.. Side effect of breastfeeding?

Bought a couple of nursing bra, a padded nursing camisoles, a nursing cover after my eventful day at the Polyclinic yesterday.

Feel quite “Sian” today because it is a Saturday, but I feel like I didn’t do much thing except BF. 😞 have to tell myself is transition period & BF is good for Skyler.

I was napping… So CL bottle feed him my expressed BM at 3.30pm. I feel bad for not latching so I expressed for 20mins from 4pm. Then he was hungry at 4.30pm I was so stun because I just pumped & not sure whether I got enough milk for him. But I still try to latch him from 4.30pm to 5.15pm. He didn’t want to sleep & cry again. Feed him from 5.45 to 6pm… Seems like it’s true. Not much milk for him after I pump?

Maybe this cause me to be emo.

My Sleeping child~ tiny little fingers

Encouragement to self: this morning I manage to express 150 ml. Up from 80ml yesterday.

Baby Skyler at 7 day old newborn shoot! Is always a vision of mine to put my baby on furry thing.. They look so cute & comfy on it..

More to share when my Photograher is ready!

Visit to polyclinic

What an eventful day.

Brought my Son to Polyclinic this morning for jaundice test & urine test. He started to fuss right after we finish registration. We put him in the stroller, maybe he didn’t like it. He started crying loudly when we were waiting for our turn at the children’s clinic.
So hubby went to change his diaper.

Then we missed our turn, and he started to cry again. So I went to nursing room to latch him, because we forgot to bring our milk bottle!!!!!

Luckily Skyler is willing to latch. Then the Nurse called us in. Let her check a bit.. And he asked jack to pass some form to the doctor.
Then she checked skyler’s and took off his pampers. Turned out he poo & the nurse just anyhow & caused Skyler booties to dap the poo!!!! Thing is all the stuff is with Jack, and I have to carry Skyler to change pampers with jus a few pieces of toilet paper covering his private parts. Imagine he poo on me. Horrible!!!!

After changing, back to consultation room with the nurse… Skyler started to fuss & can see he is hungry. So the nurse asked me to feed on the spot while having the consultation!

I’m not even wearing nursing bra.. So I have to take off the bra & feed him without nursing cover, cause we don’t even have one yet. 😔😖

Anyway he didn’t latch properly cause I wasn’t focusing well, as I am answering questions.

The nurse asked me to go to the lab room for jaundice test & urine test. Skyler was still maintaining his cool. He didn’t cry much during the blood test.

After that he started to fuss after putting urine bag on him!!!! So I have to go nursing room to feed him for another 15 mins or so. Missed doc consultation queue..

Finally Skyler is ok, talked to doc.. Asked to come back again on Monday as jaundice result is not below “100”. He got 219 on the scale. 😕

Gonna bring my CL on Monday.

Damn piss that she Nv pack the milk bottles.

More piss at myself for not vetting the stuff.

This is really on the job training!!

On lighter note, after lunch, I went to remove my stitch.. Luckily it was painless, just slight discomfort Coz the padding was removed too. Lost another 1 KG too.

Went on a little date with hubby to eat nice waffles ice cream. 😚 then went to buy nursing bra & nursing cover just in case I need to latch in public again…..

My little 阿兵哥

Life is always new when you are free